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A discussion about the future ecosystem of music

The online ecosystem rule book was written by a fat and happy music industry in a state of panic from the Internet thievery stealing everyone’s bonuses. Two decades on, the online music industry has matured, but the infrastructure remains more or less the same. We are still scrambling to push our music out to every corner of the world every Friday regardless of demand. And regardless of cost and carbon footprint. This old plumbing of the music industry hinders innovation as well as sorting out correct metadata to solve fair compensation. Yet, instead of fixing things - we get caught up in a web3 fools goldrush instead. On this panel we will be discussing the future state of how we create, release, distribute and consume music in a more sensible way. To help us understand, we are joined by Inger Elise Mey (TONO) and Simen Fjeld (Sony Music).