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The Future of Digital Live Music

The music industry has undergone radical technological transformation in all fields in the last couple of years. Digital concerts have been around for a while, but the pandemic certainly became a major accelerator, taking livestreaming to a mass audience and creating an opportunity for these shows to be ticketed. Haakon Mathisen from VIERLIVE has certainly seen the evolution and growth in live streaming. He will talk about how VIERLIVE adapted to the market when the Pandemic hit, and how they continued to innovate and adapt the music landscape today. Haakon was also a speaker at Sørveiv 2023. It will be interesting to hear how VIERLIVE has developed and grown since then. Haakon will be joined by Simen Børven and Gohree Kim to talk more about the implications of innovation within live music, for artists, venues, fans, and the music industry.