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The Future of Digital Distribution

An ever-changing field of the music streaming landscape Music distribution has been around since… well since there was music(?) Even when the sheet music publishing companies ran the business, they needed someone to print out the scores and deliver them to the stores. That was (and still is) the role of the distributors: getting the music into the stores. However, while the core role of music distributors stayed the same for over a century, their workflow and business models have been subject to constant change. Those changes had a massive effect on the music industry as a whole. Amid a rise in generative AI tools and a growing digital music distribution landscape, more recorded audio is being made and released than at any point in human history. In addition, there are more «stores» and creators than ever before. With a career spanning almost a decade within the music industry, including two years in label relations at Spotify and six years working across the ever-changing digital distribution field, Ebba Guhnby’s experience on both sides of the music streaming landscape gives her a strong voice on the subject. We look forward to hear her speak about the evolution of digital distribution, and her «predictions" for the future.