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From Autotune to Autogenerate - The Future of Music Production and Collaboration

AutoTune has caused quite the controversy in just over 30 years in the music industry. Some love it, some hate it and see it as a ‘cheat code’ for bad singers. Whether you’re a fan or not, you can’t deny the huge impact it has had on today’s music. But this is not a session about Autotune really. It's about the future of music production, which looks like it's about to be revolutionized. Powerful tools are helping musicians to write, record, and mix music more efficiently and creatively. It is also being used to personalize the music listening experience for fans and to discover new artists and genres. The music industry is poised for a fast fusion of human creativity and technology, promising a future where technology and artistry create music while innovation presents many opportunities for the music industry to grow and evolve. This is a panel where they discuss the view of how the use of newer technology in music production varies from different sides of the industry. The panelists, Dani Deahl, Carl-Henrik Wahl and Christian Ringstad Schultz discuss how services like BandLab might challenge the way the professional producers like Carl-Henrik works. In addition, they will discuss what AI tools cannot necessarily solve and how our different approaches can give a more complete picture of the journey as an artist, from the bedroom to the big stages.