Om Sørveiv

Sørveiv 2024 will be held on April 12-13 in Kristiansand, for the 14th consecutive year. Sørveiv is the music industry gathering in Southern Norway and brings together the music industry from the Agder counties, Norway, and the rest of the Nordic region for showcase concerts and an international music conference.

Currently, Sørveiv consists of two parts: Sørveiv Live and Sørveiv Conference. The concerts take place at various venues in the heart of Kristiansand, while the conference is held at Hotel Norge.

Sørveiv has always been the heart of the music community in Southern Norway. It provides young and promising talents in the music field with the opportunity to take their first steps, both on stage as artists and behind the scenes as volunteers, leaders, and board members. At the same time, we gather the music industry in the city and from the rest of the region, facilitating dialogue with an international industry audience.

In recent years, Sørveiv has grown into a festival of national and international significance. This development is crucial for the growth of the regional music industry, putting the Agder music region on the map and providing important opportunities for knowledge enrichment and networking for the stakeholders. After one year under new ownership, Sørveiv 2024 will come back stronger with a groundbreaking festival featuring an innovative conference and a live section with inspiring concerts for the city's audience, as well as excellent networking and showcasing opportunities for artists and the industry.

Purpose of the Festival

Sørveiv's main purpose is to create a music-focused platform and exchange arena for the music industry in the Agder counties, both nationally and to a greater extent internationally. Sørveiv aims to become the most important showcase for new Nordic music in Norway, strengthening the music industry in Agder, promoting business development, and improving the conditions for an industry that has growth potential but needs reinforcement. Sørveiv Live showcases the rich music scene of the region on live stages in Kristiansand. Artists have the opportunity to present themselves to the national and international industry professionals we invite to Sørveiv each year, and regional organizers and festivals gain access to up-and-coming artists.
Sørveiv Conference aims to provide music-related insights through dialogue that sheds light on the challenges facing the industry in the present while attempting to find solutions for future strategies for success in a global, national, and regional music industry.

Our vision is for Sørveiv to be Norway and Scandinavia's most important meeting point for industry professionals interested in learning more about and being ready to embrace new technology after attending our conference.
Sørveiv aims to become Norway's most important showcase for new Nordic music, always focusing on the regional artists, organizers, and music industry to provide them with better access to new artists for their events and to enhance their work with music industry activities. We aim to build upon the growing professionalism, regional pride, and immense enthusiasm within the region's music community by organizing another ambitious Sørveiv in 2024.

Sørveiv also aims to showcase a diverse music scene. Therefore, the festival is genre-independent – to demonstrate the vast breadth and quality that exists, we book everything from jazz to folk music, rock, pop, electronica, metal, and music that blends different genres.
Sørveiv is also the main partner in the international project EXCITE, which received EU funding through the Creative Europe program in 2018/2019. Through this collaboration, we exchange music talents between 13 different European countries and 15 associated festivals. We get 2-3 European artists in the live program during Sørveiv.