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Turab, the young artist and actor, is fully engaged in 2023 with several exciting projects. He takes on the lead role as "Vip" in the TV2 series "Russebussen" and makes his debut as Recruit 17 in the upcoming season of "Kompani Lauritzen." Simultaneously, he releases new music, with the single "Svartedøden" as the first glimpse of his upcoming sophomore album, "Himmelrotter fra landsbyen." This song explores the theme of overcoming the fear of death. Turab also reflects on death as a universal reality, emphasizing the humility that comes with realizing there's a chance of not waking up every time one goes to bed. He underscores the importance of building connections through music and inspiring unity, particularly for those struggling to find their place in the world. The talented artist made his debut at the age of nine through the youth project Gatekunst! and has since released several singles, including "Igjen" and "Fortjener ikke," which have received positive responses. Turab envisions touching people's lives and inspiring solidarity, especially among those who feel alienated. In 2021, Turab gained recognition for powerful songs, such as the critically acclaimed "Nesten hjemme" featuring Ane Brun, which became P3's track of the week and received favorable reviews. His debut album, "Løfter som jeg lovte å bære," was released in October 2021, addressing themes of injustice, alienation, and belonging, exploring the journey towards freedom and living in the present. "Svartedøden" is set to be released on February 17, 2023.