Sørveiv 2023 arrangeres 20 - 22. april i Kristiansand, for 13. år på rad. Sørveiv er Sørlandets musikkbransjetreff og samler musikkbransjen fra Agderfylkene, Norge og resten av Norden til showcase-konserter og en internasjonal musikkfaglig konferanse.

Wave AI songwriting workshop


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Wave AI songwriting workshop

Wave AI songwriting workshop

Presented by: WaveAI (Dr. Maya Ackerman), the creators of LyricStudio and MelodyStudio

There is a lot of buzz around autonomous creative AI systems – systems that [make] things from start to finish.

LyricStudio produces original lyrics for songwriters in a style that mimics their own. In this sense, it’s ‘assistive AI’ – a human companion, a muse. it’s actually designed not to [create a full song’s lyrics] by itself.

WaveAI has also recently launched a new tool called MelodyStudio. The tool inspires you with original melodies based on your own lyrics.

These tools help when you get stuck. They have helped people finish songs that have been sitting in their drawers for years.

With a thorough introduction to the tools, and help along the way, you now get the chance to try out these tools yourself.

You'll need to bring your own computer and headset, as well as keyboard and microphone if you want to use that.
There are only a few slots for this workshop, so we recommend signing up early!

(This roundtable require a delegate pass to Sørveiv)

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